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Cluster Bean

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The guar bean or cluster bean is an annual legume, a plant of the pea and bean family. For best growth it requires full sunshine, flashing rainfalls that are moderately frequent, and well drained soil. Currently India is the source of about 80% of the world production of guar gum, but current demand for it outstrips supply. Thus guar is being introduced into new growing areas.
Fresh Gum Guar :
We are an Exporter and Supplier of Fresh Guar Gum Beans, based in India. Our esteemed customers can avail Fresh Guar Gum Beans in different quantities as per their requirement. Fresh, matured and damaged free Fresh Guar Gum Beans in ordered quantity are delivered from our end, for complete satisfaction of the clients. Fresh Guar Gum Beans are available at pocket friendly price.
Dry Gum Guar : 
We provide well packed Dry Guar of Best Quality. Derived from cluster bean plants, this  Dry Gawar Phali is widely used for preparing delicious Rajasthani delicacies.


Fresh Gum Guar, Dry Gum Guar

Scientific Name:

Cyamopsiss Tetragonoloba

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